2018 Guangxi Intelligent Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Exhibition
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   2018 Guangxi Intelligent Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Exhibition

Organizers: Lunjiao Woodworking Machinery Chamber of Commerce, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangxi Beiliu Furniture Chamber of Commerce 

Time: August 12, 2018-August 14, 2018

Location: Xingwei Furniture Plaza, Furniture Street, Beiliu City, Guangxi

Booth number: A20

Exhibition introduction:

   Beiliu City is located in the southeast of Guangxi, adjacent to Guangdong. It is the junction of the ASEAN Free Trade Area and the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. It is also an important and convenient channel for southwestern China to go east to the sea and exchanges and cooperation between the central and western regions. Beiliu City has outstanding advantages in the wood processing industry, especially the home furnishing industry in Xinwei, Xiwei and other towns have developed rapidly. At present, Beiliu City has 478 wood processing enterprises and 372 furniture factories. The wood processing industry covers 22 towns in the city and employs nearly 20,000 people. It is an important industry that covers urban and rural areas and is most conducive to entrepreneurship in Beiliu City. As of the end of June 2017, the timber processing industry has achieved a total industrial output value of 2.45 billion yuan. The Beiliu Furniture Industrial Park, established in 2017, has a planned area of ​​8 square kilometers and a total investment of 9 billion yuan. In the future, it will become the first fashionable furniture industry base in Guangxi from research and development of high-quality furniture to experiential consumption.

Guangxi (Lunjiao) Smart Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Accessories Expo chose to settle in Beiliu. Based on Lunjiao, an important town of woodworking machinery in China, it will introduce the most advanced and high-quality woodworking machinery and supporting technical support for the Beiliu furniture industry. It is of great significance for the overall improvement of the Beiliu furniture industry chain, the creation of an independent brand of Beiliu solid wood furniture, and the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of the Beiliu industry. 

On the scene of this exhibition, SZ Technology will forcefully launch:

Gantry Band Saw

Hinge drilling machine

Frame saw

Horizontal band saw machine